Walking through the darkness,
I can’t feel the air to breathe
I don’t even know my name
For I’ve been lonely, mute and lame.

The sun set every evening
As it always did before
But I was scared of the night time,
Because I hadn’t hope in dawn.

And there you were:
In the middle of the tracks I was following,
In the end of my road to hell,
With your arms open wide to me
Standing by the hollow tree.

And there we were:
In the middle of a hopeless nonsense we’re sharing,
In the end of our parade,
Waiting for the train to pass by
So we can take it at the end of the day.

Now we walk together
On the bricks that meant to be
Someone else’s bricks
But we know this is how we’ll live.

The dawn ain’t scary anymore
As it was supposed to be.
Hand in hand we realise
We’re bound for Paradise.

And there you are:
Leading the way for my happiness,
Leading my way to you.
Helping me through the wasteland,
I’m leaping on any bound for you.

And there we are:
Standing still against the world
Four months after it all,
After all, we share our fates and destiny
I know now I will never
I will never walk alone.